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Salim Associates has proficient team of experienced and dedicated professionals spearheaded by the Managing Director, Mr. Salim, who has been staying in the forefront as an inspiration since the day of its inception. The department heads directly report to the Managing Director, facilitating him to experience and monitor the functioning of the company. The MD is ably supported by an adept team department head, with proven track record in the construction and marketing spheres. The heads of the departments, by implementing efficient strategies and maintaining cordial companionship with their subordinates, help the company to mould dedicated professionals who passionately pursue their roles in the system, to build the dreams of customers.


The Founder of Salim Associates, Mr. R. A. Salim is a great visionary with excellent expertise in acquiring, constructing & developing commercial & residential real estate. A Civil Engineer by Profession, Mr. Salim set up Salim Associates – Engineers & Builders in the year 1987. With his profound insights about the trends of the real estate industry and unique enterprising skills, Mr. Salim led the company to great heights in a period of 27 years. An undisputed leader and an icon of inspiration to the staffs of Salim and Associates, Mr. Salim took his company to the status of a Developer Builder with a number of residential and commercial projects in its credits in Guruvayoor, Trichur and Kochi.


A piece of land, brick, mortar and wood will not make a home. Salim Associates Group believes that homes are built with a heart. We know that a home is not a group of unconnected individuals joined under a roof. They share dreams, passions and love. There is a relation. In creating each home, SA Group has this in mind. We keep your dreams in our mind, all through the process of construction. We know that a home is a blessing – a blessing that is the result of long cherished dreams and toils. So, we value each and every customer of ours, and reward them with a wonderful home. Yes, we are here to create blessed homes, just for you!